Austin to High Point

It’s 1300 miles from Austin to the next round at Virginia International Raceway (VIR) near Danville Virginia. We left Austin around noon on Monday and made it to a rest area near Texarkana. I had hoped to get further, but we were tired and the rest area was perfect place since we could stop and… Continue Reading

One Year

Believe it or not, we’ve been doing this for a year now.  27,000 miles driven and all but eight states visited. We have been coast to coast three times and driven the east coast from Florida to Maine, yet we’ve barely scratched the surface on what to see in this country. Are we ready to… Continue Reading

Camping vs Fulltiming

This week we have been staying at an Army Corps of Engineers campground on Lake Lanier northeast of Atlanta. We normally stay in privately owned rv parks, but prefer the more open and less cramped campgrounds. Most RV Parks are primarily concerned with making money and cramming as many sites into the space they have.… Continue Reading

The End of the Off Season

As the month of March comes to an end, so does the racing off season. We made the most of our last few days in Gulf Shores. We spent one day at the Naval Aviation Museum at Pensacola Air Station. This museum is one of the best flight museums I’ve been to. The do a… Continue Reading

Who Knew??

From New Orleans, we drove 240 miles to Gulf Shores, Alabama. We have never been here before and my experience with the Gulf has been the dirty waters off of Texas, or the pristine beaches of Clearwater Florida. The coast of Alabama is very close to that of Clearwater. This place has big wide sugar… Continue Reading

Driving into Cajun Country

Texas is big, and takes a long time to cross. So long, that by the time you leave it, you are glad that it’s over. We left Las Cruces Monday morning and made it to Sweetwater. The scenery was finally starting to green up and the trees just beginning to leaf out. On Tuesday we… Continue Reading