Rocking and Rolling in the OC

Looks like we’re so busy that I have failed to update the blog in a while. We’re halfway into the racing season and it’s been busy. We finally had a few weeks of break between rounds, but that meant that I had time to get equipment fixed and ready for the second half of the season. In between we try to take advantage of living by the ocean. I try to pedal as often as possible. I’ve been surprised at how bike friendly the roads are and the many different rides I can take. If I want a flat easy ride, I head up towards Long Beach on the coast highway, if I head south towards Laguna beach, I can still stay along the coast, but it’s a nice rolling ride. Head inland if I’m in for some climbing. I have an 25 mile route that has 2500 feet of climbing.

When we’re not riding, we are probably sitting on the beach. We can pack a lunch and be sitting in the sand in minutes.

We like to take our paddle boards out when it’s calm in the mornings, and cruise around the bay.

We’ve also been working on the next step of getting onto a sailboat by attending the boat shows in the area. We probably won’t buy a new boat, but it’s good to get an idea of what we want to look for when we are ready to buy.

The long 4th of July weekend was nice. We spent a lot of time on the beach and trying to avoid the crowds. On the 3rd we pregamed the fireworks by attending a show near Long Beach. It was out in the water and we paddle boarded out to watch it. We might have been too close since fallout from the fireworks was raining down on us. We spent the 4th at Huntington Beach along with thousands of others. While I was surfing, Danelle got to feel the first earthquake of the weekend. We rode out the second one on Saturday that was much stronger.

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