Work Run Sleep Repeat

I guess I haven’t updated the blog in a while. The last post was right about when we decided that we should sign up and run the Surf City Half Marathon. I don’t know what we were thinking, but at the time the race was months away. In the meantime we had a big trip over the holidays and family to visit. We rented a pickup and drove to Denver first. It wasn’t a bad drive, except instead of the four wheel drive pickup, they gave us a two wheel drive, and I guess in california they don’t think that it might get cold. So, driving over Vail pass on the tail end of a snow storm with two wheel drive wasn’t sketchy enough, we couldn’t see either. The wiper fluid was frozen and the only way to clear the mag-chloride off the windshield was to stop and throw snow onto it.

One of the boats in the Christmas Parade
Colorado will always be Home

We spent a couple of days in the Denver are visiting family and then headed to Las Cruces to hang out with Charlotte. We had fun and even got to go out in the snow.

We got back home on New Years Eve and the realization that we had a month before the run hit. So, the routine was work, run, sleep and repeat. We still spent sundays on the beach, but all of our free time was really spent pounding the pavement. For the month of January I covered 110 miles and Danelle had about the same. Race weekend was soon upon us, and it looked to be a wet one. Danelle was able to attend a women’s sailing conference on Saturday before the run, but some of her outdoor classes were cancelled due to rain and gale force winds. On sunday we lucked out and the storm had mostly moved on. We had a few sprinkles, but nothing like the day before. We finished, are a bit sore and I am ready to get back on the bike.

Spent the morning of our 29th anniversary running
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  1. Jason, you and your wife are amazing. I’m sitting at my desk at home cleaning up clutter and came across your blog. And, looked at everything you’ve done for the last year. Amazing. What a life. Not like the BLM life. Several employees have retired you might still remember; Linda Graham and Laura Nelson. After some 40+ years working at the BLM. Next week Bill Crider is retiring too. I’m counting the months when I can get out too…. Can’t wait to see the next chapter of your life. Take care! Mary Nelson.


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