What’s Next?

img_001155941966051__3cbc9dfe-968c-44e4-bfa8-66ca6c7995f3Okay, it’s been a while, and I’m sitting at my desk, in our apartment, writing this. Yes, that’s a big departure from the RV, but let me get you caught up. Zoom back four weeks to the end of the last event in Birmingham, Al. We were planning on heading south to the gulf and then on to Florida then, we had a change of plans. Instead of heading south we went northwest toward St. Louis.img_0034 After a rainy drive through Alabama and Tennessee, we stopped a KOA in Kentucky. The temps we cooler and the humidity was finally below 90 percent. From Kentucky we got onto I-70 and drove through to Denver.

While there we did some more reorganizing of the storage unit, did a quick drive to look at the fall colors, grabbed a few items we needed and headed to Las Cruces. We were able to spend two weeks with Charlotte (and Kristen and Tyrel)

While there we also took a one night trip to Las Vegas to help with the MotoAmerica awards banquet. Since neither of us are fans of Vegas, one night was plenty. Once our two weeks where up in Las Cruces we took two days to drive to Costa Mesa Ca. We arrived last friday, and have been running at max speed since then. We had to find an apartment, unload and move everything out of the RV, clean the rv, find and purchase furniture, and finally find a place to store the RV short term until we sell it.


Apartment wise, we found a cool place in Newport Beach that is only a mile from the ocean, and is a short drive to work. You heard that right, we will be back to the daily grind of going into an office and working.  The cool thing is that it’s doing something we enjoy, and the people we work with are great. We will both be full time employees with MotoAmerica. The adventure is not over though. This is just a pause while we get ready to move onto a sailboat.


Ralphie has never had it so nice

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