Avoiding Florence

In the Marines we had a saying – Semper Gumby – or alway flexible. Our original plans after New Jersey was to head down the coast. Maybe spend time near Assateague, and then Kitty Hawk, before heading to Birmingham for our last race of the season. Looking at the weather changed our plans. We headed inland and spent a night in Front Royal, VA. From there we started heading down the Shenandoah valley. As Florence got closer to land, we saw that maybe we should get to the other side of the storm path.img_2019 img_2021We ended up in Chattanooga TN, but only stay a couple of nights since the place was booked up from people evacuating the Carolinas. We found a place in Gadsden AL the spand the last few days before we have to be in Birmingham.

It’s a nice place, but like all of the south, it’s warm, and doesn’t really cool off at night. We also found out during the drive down that what I thought was an unbalanced tire is actually a bent rim. Should be an easy fix, but nobody carries a 22.5 inch steel wheel in black powder coat.img_2013 Today we will drive the 50 miles to Barber Motorsports Park and start the last race of the year. And this off season, unlike last year, we have some plans and options on what we are going to to.

Stay tuned…

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