Somebody left the heater on

We are grateful that we have a/c.  From Pittsburgh we crossed over the Appalachian mountains and drove to Gettysburg. We pulled into the campground, opened the door, and were hit with a wave of heat and humidity. Better get used to it, cause it’s not going to change for a while. img_1956The campground was right on the edge of the National Battlefield park. In fact in to mornings and evenings when the sun wasn’t so brutal, we would walk into the park and  explore the trails.img_1966img_1952 If you ever go here, stop at the visitors center. The movie, panaroma paing and museum do a great job of not only explaining the battle at Gettysburg, but the reasons for the Civil war. This is one of those cases where maybe if we look at our country’s history and learn a bit, we might make things better now. img_1958After the museum, we went and drove around the battlefield. Looking the terrain and thinking that the soldiers were wearing wool outfits, carrying heavy rifles, and marching in temps similar to what we had (90 degrees with 75% humidity), makes me thankful I wasn’t there.

After four days, we thought it would be cooler to spend labor day at the beach. We found a campground near Cape May, NJ and made the easy drive there.img_1969 We learned a couple of lessons about the Jersey Shore. First they charge for everything, you have to pay to park, pay to go on the beach, etc.

Second, when you do make it to the beach, it’s going to be crowded, but on the plus side, I felt like a skinny guy walking around (I’m not). Third, It’s labor day weekend, and the campground will be full. We had a spot with a Cuban family camping in tents next to us. It was all fun until you had to list to Rick belt his favorite cuban songs at midnight. Last lesson, it wasn’t any cooler.  Once tuesday rolled around we had a short 30 mile drive to the next race at New Jersey Motorsports Park.img_1990 The week started just as hot during the setup days and by the time bike got on track it cooled down, and by sunday, it was pouring rain.


When in Philly – get the original 

Next up, we head back south.

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