From San Francisco to Pittsburgh

California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. We covered that in a week, but before I get to that, I need to tell you about our final two weeks in the Bay Area. After the weekend at the Sonoma Drag racing, we moved over to our usual spot in Napa. img_1845img_1842Skyline Nature conservatory has been our goto spot when we need to stay in the area but don’t want to empty the bank account. Its a great place with a lot of trails and easy access to the city. One day we drove down to Sausalito and took the ferry across the bay to Pier 1 in downton San Francisco. We brought our bicycles along and spent the afternoon pedaling along the waterfront and across the golden gate back the car.

It was a great ride, but very crowded. After a week in Napa, we moved back to Sonoma raceway for the MotoAmerica event.

And, like most race weekends, we were very busy. Early on the Monday following the event, we started driving, we covered 900 miles the first day, and another 300 the next morning. img_1886We stopped in Colorado long enough to have lunch and dinner with our family, get hit by a Colorado hailstorm, and move on.img_1890 The next day was a 480 mile day driving to Omaha, Nebraska. We had dinner with my brother, woke up and got on the road again. This day we stopped in Illinois about 50 miles past Davenport.  Friday we had a short drive to the Peoria Motorcycle Club. I spent friday and Saturday helping with Timing at the Peoria flat track event.

I’ve always wanted to see Peoria since unlike a normal flat track that is just an oval, the Peoria TT track has a step up jump and a right turn. Makes for some interesting racing.  Sunday we moved on to Nappanee Indiana. We stopped at the Newmar factory, and were able to find a few parts that had broken but were hard to find anywhere else.  Once I had the new parts on, we started driving again.img_1896 This time to an rv park near Youngstown Ohio. Here we filled with up with water and got ready for another race weekend.img_1905 Then next morning we headed to Wampum PA. Pittsburgh International Race Complex is where we spent the next 6 days.

The track is nice and has just built a brand new scoring building. It was actually an easy weekend compared to the last couple.

Stay tuned

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