What a Drag

The race weekend at Utah Motorsports Campus in Tooele, Utah was a lot of work. It was hot, and because the infrastructure is slowly deteriorating, I was constantly troubleshooting problems. I made a comment on social media that there are only two nice times in Utah, Sunrise and sunset, otherwise it was hot and a lot of work.img_1674 It was Danelle’s birthday while we were there, and that meant a trip to Red Iguana was in order. img_1672She found out that fried cheesecake is one of her favorite desserts. Needless to say we were glad to get that week over. Monday morning we got an early start to Tahoe. We made a quick break at the Bonneville salt flats rest area for some photos. img_1685It’s really tough to get a good picture when everything is so washed out from the bright salt. We ended the day at a campground in South Lake Tahoe. It was a great three day break with some paddle boarding, cycling and just hanging out.

The area is very touristy and crowded. We think we might come back in the fall when all 500 spots in the campground aren’t booked solid. We have our friend Niccole to thank for finding the spots last minute. She also hooked us up at our next stop at Sonoma Raceway for the drag racing.  Denver has the Mile High Nationals, and while I’ve never attended them, you could always hear the racing. We were given a place to park and tickets for all three days of the event. On Friday, they don’t start until the evening, and one set of the runs are done once it gets dark. img_1787We were in the fourth row, and it’s quite an experience. You more feel the cars than hear them. In fact, my phone would just mute the audio on videos because it was so loud.

By Sunday evening, we were sunburnt, covered with rubber and oil/exhaust specks and had scratchy eyes and throats from the Nitromethane fuel. It was a awesome. We’ll be back here in two weeks for the MotoAmerica event, until then, we are heading to Napa.


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