The Silver State

If you head east into the Sierras from Sonora, you come to Pinecrest Lake. Its about a 40 mile drive, and you climb up to 6000 foot elevation. The lake is a state park and has a campground. We found a campsite online that said it was big enough for us, so we booked three days there. The problem is that most of the state park campgrounds in California are not designed to fit a 40 foot RV like Ralphie.  img_1591The roads are tight and the campsites don’t take into consideration that we have slideouts on both sides and are 14 foot wide. We managed to wedge the RV into the space and enjoyed three day of hiking, biking, and paddle boarding.

Then came the day I had been stressing about. How to get the RV out of the campground. I had to negotiate 2 really tight corners that involved driving over a stump at the first corner, and a boulder on the second. Danelle had to walk the whole way out giving guidance and letting me know when I was getting too close to a tree. So, we got out and things were easy rolling? Not so fast. In my route planning, both google maps and my rv specific GPS said to keep heading east over Sonora pass.  When we about 8 miles to the summit, there was a sign advising any vehicle longer than 30 feet to turn around, problem ,was that there wasn’t anyplace to actually turn around, so we slowly climbed an descended a very tight and twisty pass. I do not recommend taking an RV over Sonora Pass.  After a stressful morning, we ended the day in Tonopah Nevada. Tonopah has a decent brewery and a neat mining museum. The museum lets you wander over the old mine area and you can go into a few of the building to see the old lifting equipment.img_1621 The shaft to one of the mines is covered with just a grate and you can see down quite a ways. Tonopah was a silver mining area. The next day we drove to Ely (pronounced EE-Lee) which is a Copper mining area. On Sunday we explored the area, took a drive up into the mountains and walked around the railroad museum.

While we were out driving, we came across a lake that looked perfect for paddle boarding. Today we drove back out to Cave Lake and had a great time paddling. img_1649Tomorrow we head to Tooele, Ut for the next MotoAmerica round.

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