The Dry Lagoon

It should have been an easy weekend…

We show up, plug into World Superbike’s system, deploy minimal equipment, and sit back and enjoy the weekend. Yeah, it went something like that. We arrived at Laguna Seca near Monterey, Ca on Tuesday. img_1392 The goal was to get as much setup on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning so that we could participate in the Wednesday evening track ride.  After a longer than anticipated Wednesday we made it to the ride.img_1385 One half of the track is a blast to ride around, the other is not. This is because as much fun as it is to ride into the corkscrew and the three story drop associated with it, you have to climb the hill to get up there. We both earned our tacos at dinner. Thursday was a day dealing with two different TV production groups and making sure we could send our data every place it needed to be.img_1407 So Thursday was another long day. Once bikes hit the track on Friday day, the days got into a groove with a couple of our sessions, then wait for World Superbikes, repeat.img_1408 The weekend turned out great with a few good meals in Monterey thrown in. Next race is in Utah near Salt Lake City, but that’s not for three weeks so let’s go find someplace to enjoy the 4th.img_1390 Stay Tuned!

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