We make this up as we go

One would think that after more than a year on the road, we would be pretty squared away and have routes and destinations pre planned weeks ahead of time. Nope, it seams that the longer we do this the less planning we seem to do.  More than often we say, “we’ll figure it out as were driving”.  Sometimes this works great other times we stress a bit and make due with what we can find. This last week has been a good example of that. We left Longmont with plans of stopping for a few days up in the mountains around Lake Dillon. As we were descending from Eisenhower tunnel, we noticed a lot of smoke behind Silverthorn.  The campground was filled with smoke and when we read that there were mandatory evacuations in the area, we decided to move on. The next place that we could find was a pricey campground near Glenwood Springs. img_1359We decided to stop for the night. We did get a bike ride in up the canyon. If you’ve ever driven through Glenwood Canyon, you know how picturesque it is. On a bike, out in the open it, the experience is unbeatable. img_1368img_1365 The next day with temps threatening to rise into the high 90s and a campsite price above our limit, we decided to move on. We did not have a destination in mind, but we wanted some cooler weather. We never found it and drove into the night stopping at Primm Nevada. img_1374We started early the next morning with hopes of beating the heat across the Mojave dessert and rolled into Bakersfield around noon. It was still hot and I couldn’t get the 50amp cord plugged in fast enough so that we could fire the a/c up. We hadn’t planned on stopping in Bakersfield, but it turned out to be a great decision. We spent our time visiting some of Danelle’s family.  Sunday we moved to a place just north of Paso Robles. The temps have dropped a bit and we are getting ready to drive the 80 miles to Laguna Seca for the next round.

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