How the Time and the Miles Fly By

Race weekends are busy, with long hours and a lot going on. Road America, with it’s size and terrain, amplifies the amount of work. img_1326img_1332From the time we start setting up on Tuesday, until we load the server rack back onto the truck Sunday evening, I don’t get a lot of rest. We did get our obligatory bratwurst and spotted cow fix, but not much else. The track is one of the longest in the series at 4.2 miles and everything is spread out. I even have to push the servers 3/4 of mile from the Scoring room to the truck.img_1339 We got through the weekend and instead of heading out first thing in the morning, we drove over to the Lakefront Bar and Grill to partake in Bloody Mary Monday. The Bloody Marys were good, the burger to chase it was delicious, and the company was awesome.img_1340 From Elkhart Lake we headed west and drove through the corner of Minnesota. We now have only five stickers missing from our US sticker map. We stayed in Omaha Nebraska for a couple of night to say hello to my brother and his family, then drove on to Colorado. We are currently parked at the Boulder county fairgrounds in Longmont.img_1349 While here we took time to see family and get a few bike rides in. It was nice to get back to familiar roads and places for a few days. Tomorrow, we will drive up I-70 and spend some time in the mountains before continuing on to Monterey.img_1348

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