Tip of the Mit

We had a few cool and rainy days in the early part of last week. By Wednesday it started to warm up again and we were able to get a few bike rides in.img_1106 img_1111One was out to Tawas point light house. On Friday we moved up the coast to Cheboygan. It’s pronounced the same as Sheboygan in Wisconsin, just spelled with a CH. The campground we are at is a great base location and is at the tip of the lower portion of Michigan which, looks like a mitten. There are three rails to trails paths that we can head out on or we are only a few miles from the Straits of Mackinac.img_1167img_1164 On Sunday, we looked at a map and saw that Canada was only 70 miles away. We drove up to Sault Ste. Marie, crossed into Canada and had a great walk by the old lock and the Saint Mary’s falls.img_1144img_1149 Crossing back into the States took longer, but mostly because the border agent wanted to talk about some of the things to see if we come up again. On the American side we went to check out the modern and much larger Soo locks where ships up to 1000 feet long can pass through.img_1155 The day was forecast to be cloudy, but ended up being clear and sunny. it was a great little side trip. On Monday, instead of updating the blog, we jumped on a ferry and went to Mackinac Island.

The island is a state park, does not allow vehicles, and only has horses and bicycles for transportation, other than walking. The island has a great historical background and played a part in the war of 1812 along with being a prime location during the early frontier days. Later around the turn of the 19th century, it became a vacation spot and has quite a few Grand “cottages” and hotels to show for it.img_1174 We brought our bikes on the ferry and rode around and through the interior of the island. Check out our video for more Day Trip to Mackinac Island. Today we’ll cross the Mackinaw bridge in Ralphie and continue our journey.

Stay Tuned…

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