Camping vs Fulltiming

This week we have been staying at an Army Corps of Engineers campground on Lake Lanier northeast of Atlanta. img_0913We normally stay in privately owned rv parks, but prefer the more open and less cramped campgrounds. Most RV Parks are primarily concerned with making money and cramming as many sites into the space they have. This means you usually have close neighbors. For the most part the government owned campgrounds are much more spread out and focus more on getting away from your neighbor.  img_0894img_0897We like the campgrounds and have found that city or county run ones are some of the best places to stay. Problem is finding an open spot on the weekends. That’s when the rookies come out. When we look for places to stay, we always look at what not only the campground has to do like hiking and biking, but what amenities are close by. We alway need to go shopping, find wifi, or if the weather is not cooperating, find something to do.  The weekenders are just looking to park it for a couple of days and stay put.img_0899We have nothing against the family heading out to enjoy nature for the weekend, but we laugh at the amount of stuff people haul out, set up and have to then tear down and haul back home. We’ve gotten to the point that we can go from set up, to on the road in about 15 minutes. The family next to us took thirty minutes just to pick up the lights and lawn ornaments that they spread out around their site.  Then there’s my biggest gripe, campfires. Thanks to my early life, I am not a fan of smelling like woodsmoke. Because of this, poor Danelle (who would like a fire every night) doesn’t get many chances to have s’mores. img_0904The weekend campers love their campfire, they leave that thing smoking day and night. On the plus side, we do get to meet new people, and many of them are our age.  At most RV Parks, we feel like the kids. It’s Monday, and this place is a ghost town. Nice and quiet, until next friday. This has been a great stop, but tomorrow we will move 20 miles over to Road Atlanta for the first race weekend of the MotoAmerica season. It’s about to get very busy.

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