Driving into Cajun Country

Texas is big, and takes a long time to cross. So long, that by the time you leave it, you are glad that it’s over. We left Las Cruces Monday morning and made it to Sweetwater.


img_0611The scenery was finally starting to green up and the trees just beginning to leaf out. On Tuesday we left our luxurious Walmart accommodations and finished up the drive into and through Dallas – Fort Worth. For the record, I have now driven Ralphie through every major city in the U.S., it doesn’t get any less stressfull. We found a campground on the NorthEast side of Dallas for a couple of nights. img_0622img_0627img_0630It was the perfect location to meet up with friends from when I was in the Marines, and Danelle’s cousin. While we were there I was supposed to come up with the next destination. I wasn’t having very good luck until Ryan with MotoAmerica texted me and said I should go to New Orleans and spend the weekend at the track there and we could use it as a base to go into the city.  img_0641.jpgAnd that’s how we ended up in New Orleans over the weekend.  Danelle has never been there so we had to go down to the French Quarter so she could see all of the partying. img_0644img_0650She even caught some beads.  Once she had seen enough of Bourbon Street, it was time to indulge with Beignets and coffee at Cafe du Monde. img_0648Sunday started out rainy but by noon it started to clear up and we spent a bit of time exploring the Garden District.img_0651img_0654img_0657img_0663img_0665

Next up we are headed to the Gulf Shores, stay tuned. . .

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