Las Cruces Winter

It may not be Orange County warm, but I also won’t be shoveling any snow either. We are settling into a nice rhythm of days in the 70s and nights in the 40s. There’s no excuse to not get outside.  We moved our parking spot so that the front of the RV faces southeast.img_0509 This way we get the morning sun in the front windshield to help warm things up. The cats are happier too since they get more time to bake on the dash.

Last Saturday was our 28th anniversary, so we went to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant in old town Mesilla. Sunday was Superbowl, we watched the commercials at Kristen and Tyrel’s, oh and the Patriots did not win.


We steal Charlotte whenever we can

On Wednesday we took a little hike up a hill overlooking Las Cruces. img_0498img_0495img_0494Thursday was new bike day. Before we started this adventure, we purchased a trail/urban bike for Danelle, and I have wanted to have a similar bike. My full suspension mtn bike was a bit overkill for most places we go. Specialized makes a nice hybrid cross bike. The local bike shop here carried the model, but had to order the correct frame size. img_0507Now we are trying to figure out how to haul more bikes. I’ve been in contact with a local welder/fabricator to help solve that.

Saturday we headed out to the desert to go shooting. It was fun until the wind picked up and with it the dust. I’m sure we’ll be back out there soon.img_0514Oh, and Danelle tried to make me go on a grain free diet, want to see someone get grumpy? Take away my Saturday morning pancakes. Make sure you subscribe to find out if I survive this week.



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