Casino Stopover

The location we stayed at in Phoenix lent itself to great viewing of the rare Blue Blood Moon and eclipse. We just had to get up at 5 in the morning to catch it.img_0452


It was neat watching the eclipse happen then as it reappeared, it turned color.  We sat outside in the early morning with our neighbor campers and had a great show.

Wednesday we weren’t in a hurry and after a late start, drove to Tucson. Originally I had planned on staying at a rest stop, but then decided to take our chance on a Casino. The Desert Diamond near the Tucson airport turned out to be a jackpot. Free camping in their parking lot, and after signing up for their rewards card, we were able to eat at the buffet for six bucks. The card also came preloaded with credits and we decided to give the slots a try. Neither Danelle or I gamble and it must have been humorous for the staff to have to come show us what to do to play. I walked away with $15 so I kinda figured it out.img_0459

The casino was not the reason for the stop in Tucson. The Pima Air Museum was. I’ve driven past the place many times, and I finally got to go. This museum is a bit different in the collection of aircraft and how they are presented. Most of the aircraft are outside and a lot are from the early cold war era. Seeing the massive B-36 up-close was impressive but so was the KC-97 and C-124 Globemaster.


The museum is unique in that for most of the aircraft on display, you can walk up to, around, and under them.  The aircraft are also spread out and unlike at the Smithsonian, it doesn’t seem overwhelming.img_0470

After a long day walking around the museum, we retired back to the casino parking lot for the night. Friday we drove to Las Cruces. We settled in for a bit and spent the superbowl with Kristen, Tyrel and Charlotte.


I get to spoil Charlotte for the next month

We’ll be here in Las Cruces NM for a month.

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