Escape From L.A.

We wrapped up our time in California by attending a group dinner with the MotoAmerica race control/safety crew. The restaurant was a bit different in that everyone ordered a plate and then the plates randomly showed up and were shared around the table.


It was good but took a bit of time to get all of the food. You also felt like you never ate a full meal, just snacked.

We had planned on leaving the next day, but because we know somebody who knows somebody, we spent Friday at the Petersen Auto Museum. That was a treat, we were even given the vault tour of the vehicle either under restoration or just stored in the basement. The museum had a great collection of Ferraris, a few movie cars like the Batmobile and Herbie, and few motorcycles scattered in the many classic cars.


Schumacher’s Ferrari



Magnum P.I.


We wandered the museum for a long time, then made our way back to MotoAmerica HQ, hooked up the car to Ralphie, and at around 3:00 pm jumped straight into LA traffic. For the next three hours, we covered maybe fifty miles.  It wasn’t until after Palm Springs that we finally broke free of the traffic and were able to put in some miles.

We spent the night at a rest stop with the droning of a refrigerator truck next to us (never fails). In the morning we had a short thirty mile hop to Quartzite AZ. this normally sleepy little town in the desert transforms itself into a city with snowbirds, RV dealers, and junk vendors during the winter months.


We spent Saturday and Sunday here and were able to meet up with Nathan and Marissa from the YouTube channel Less Junk More Journey. On Sunday we went to the RV Show and were glad that they did not charge admission. A good 90 percent of the vendors had nothing to do with RVs and the other 10 percent were more that ready to sell some product that was a solution to a problem that didn’t exist.


Monday rolled around and we are off to Phoenix. After a hundred or so very windy miles we pulled up to my grandmother’s house. We stoped in to say hello then headed out to Lake Pleasant where we found a spot to park. We would have stayed closer, but we are too young and the RV parks are all 55+ age restricted. Turns out where we stayed has a great view and was very quiet.


Tonight we’ll hang out with Randy and Heidi and do some quality control on Randy’s Scotch supply. Tomorrow we will head toward Tucson, AZ.img_0436


Stay tuned. . .

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