Sunny Days Are Here Again

We’ve finally travelled far enough south to have warm sunny days again. After our stay in the Bay Area and a great visit with my Brother and his family, we had an easy drive to Paso Robles. We stared here for three days and did some exploring to the coast.


Our plans were to move on to Los Angeles from there, but mudslides in Santa Barbara closed the highway. Thankfully our friend Dan, who lives in San Luis Obispo, hooked us up with a prime spot on the street in front of his house.

The weather over the weekend at Dan’s house was perfect for hanging out, walking on the beach, and crashing Dan’s Baja 1000 Bar-b-que.


By Sunday it appeared that Highway 101 was not opening any time soon. We took a detour across the coastal mountains and had to drive into the LA area on I-5. I did not look forward to the infamous grapevine nor the traffic. Turns out neither was an issue. Ralphie climbed up the grade and then descended with zero issues, and since it was MLK day the LA traffic was a no show.  We stopped at the MotoAmerica HQ in Costa Mesa then found plenty of camping spots at the Orange county fairgrounds. Turns out it is also the cheapest spot in the area to stay.


The past week consisted of me driving Danelle to the office to work while I knocked out RV projects. At the end of the day I would go pick her up. The weather has been great so I was able to get the bikes out and start getting some riding in.


On Saturday we took a walk on Venice Beach. For all the times that I have been in LA I’ve never been there. Guess I wasn’t missing much either.


Saturday evening we went to the Supercross race in Anaheim.


Sunday was another perfect weather day. we sat on the “patio” and watched some football with a bike ride to Huntington beach thrown in.



We’ll be here a few more days before it’s time to head east towards Phoenix.

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  1. Love it! Continuing to pray for safe travels, Divine appointments, and God moments to abound!

    See you soon!


    Chaplain Raymond Rizzo Motor Racing Outreach Association American Flat Track MotoAmerica Road Racing ASRA/CCS Road Racing 615-394-7260



  2. Hi Jason! Looks like you are still having a great time crossing the country. What’s with the car, did you give up with the trailer and motorcycles? Happy traveling!


    • We found that we were missing out on stuff with the motocycles. we’ve sold them and bought the car. It would have been miserable on the bike in Portland during December. Glad you guys didn’t have a prolonged shutdown.


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