Nebraska and Colorado

With a distant appointment (Christmas in Portland, OR) in the back of our minds we headed west, letting weather and whims guide us.  Omaha Nebraska was our next point of interest – seeking to spend time with family at a perfect stopping distance away.   Cooler temperatures definitely hinted that winter was coming soon.   Rain dampened many of our days, and our determination to not travel when there was worry of ice & snow had us checking weather forecasts, which framed our decisions on length of stay.   Therefore the weather allowed us to enjoy several days with Jason’s brother’s family where we had a greatly enjoyed spending this time with them.


Colorado sunset 

We then decided to travel through Colorado, giving us the opportunity to see family and friends and drop off more items that we don’t need in the RV.   We decided to stay through Thanksgiving, giving us lots of time to enjoy some excellent weather – temperatures in the upper 60’s and low 70’s.

We visited with both Jason’s mom and Danelle’s parents and sister’s family, and also visited some favorite places and spent time with great friends.

Downsizing again, we removed several items from the RV and moved them into storage.  We also worked on several projects, updated some equipment while enjoying the nice weather.  Soon it was time to move on, though later we wondered if we should have stayed and enjoyed the beautiful weather a bit longer!  But we saw a good travel window and had several mountain passes to conquer on our way to Oregon, so we packed up and hit the road.


Colorado – snow covered Longs Peak 

Until next time Colorado – we will return again!

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