New England Fall

Want to dive an RV across the George Washington Bridge in New York City? Get ready to shell out fifty bucks, yeah, if you just said “what!?!” I said the the same thing to the tollbooth operator. Before I could ask her to repeat the amount, She repeated with “five zero, not one five”. I guess I wasn’t the first one to question the amount.


So how did we get from the Annapolis boat show to a tollbooth on the GW bridge? Well, after the boat show, we moved to the Delaware coast and spent a few days on the beach

The weather took a turn for the wet, and we decided to push our luck and continue up the coast. At a rest stop in southern New Jersey, a guy working there said the best way to get to Connecticut was to take a loop around New York City, and cross the Hudson at a bridge north of the city. We thought that it was just to avoid the traffic. Nope, it was to avoid the crazy tolls. So, crossing the GW I went really slow. Figure that since I paid that much, might as well enjoy the view.


We stayed at a campground near Niantic  CT. and made day trips to Newport, Groten, Mystic, and New Haven.

In Newport, we looked at sailboats and walked around the shopping areas. In Groten we visited the Submarine Museum and toured the forts overlooking the bay. Mystic had pizza, local beer, and historic old town. The trip down to New Haven was to take care of an Apple product that wasn’t cooperating and had lunch in the shadow of Yale University. Interestingly Yale looks a lot like Hogwarts.

We outstayed our time in Niantic, actually the park closed for the season, so we moved on to Massachusetts. We found a park about ten miles from Plymouth and a good base for exploring Cape Cod and Boston. We were surprised at how hard it was to find an open park/campground in the northeast. Seems that most parks from New York and up close for the season right after Labor Day.

First up was a trip to see Plymouth Rock. They keep it in a cage so it wont run away.


The next day, we rode the subway into Boston and followed the freedom trail through downtown.


It was neat seeing all of the places we have read about from the Revolutionary War.


There’s a pub across from the Granary graveyard where you can drink a cold Sam Adams while looking at a cold Sam Adams. (sorry, bad joke but I heard a tour guide use it). We rode the subway out to the Sam Adams brewery and sampled some to the brews that aren’t available in stores.

After the hustle and bustle of Boston, we decided to slow down and the next day we drove out to Providence on Cape Cod. It’s the off season, and most places were closed. I’ve been to Cape Cod twice before. First with my mom, and the second when my grandparents rented a cottage for a couple of weeks. I have great memories from those visits, but of course everything is a little different when you visit again as an adult. It still is a neat place and Danelle and I will be back when it’s not the off season. As it was, after stopping at the pilgrim tower and deciding the $22 per person to climb a tower was a little steep, we stopped at a local deli, picked up some lunch and headed out to the beach for a picnic.


Ok, so where to next? I think we’ll try to hit Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont in one day.


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