Signs and Reflections



Biloxi Mississippi – Spring 2017


For the past 6 months we have made our home in a box on wheels – traveling far and near – across this country.





Crater Lake Oregon  Summer 2017



Often in a moment of reflection you pause to consider where you have been.






World Trade Center NY City Summer 2017


Maybe this introspection is why we like “reflections” and enjoy capturing them – as if they give us a view – a window – into an elusive moment or space. They are so provoking of beauty and reminiscence.


Daytona Beach Florida Summer 2017





We have driven the RV through 39 states – some more than once – almost 20,000 miles!




Burlington Vermont Autumn 2017




It is interesting to reflect on these accomplishments and on the photos captured.




We made an effort to get a photo of the state signs as we crossed the border into each new state. It is interesting that for some states it seems to be a formality – just the state name – and others make a statement with fonts and designs.– Letting the pictures speak a thousand words – reviewing and remembering – here is a collection of photos – signs and reflections – reminiscent of the past 6 months.



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