What Now?

Made it to the checkered flag, season is over, what now? and where are we going? Honestly we had no idea. We left Birmingham and drove 70 miles to Anniston, Alabama where we did some laundry and cleaned up. After two weeks in a row of races, there was a bit of maintenance we had to get done. We also found a cool brewery in an old freight station.


Cheaha Brewing

We then were able to get a standby appointment at the Freightliner factory service center in Gaffney South Carolina. So we drove there and waited a day to get two recalls done. both were minor, but a major pain. The first fixed a problem where the wipers would randomly stop anywhere on the windshield. The second fixed an issue where the dash lights would flicker at night.  With those done we started heading south to Florida, or so we thought. About 30 miles away I found out that the cruise control didn’t work, nor the wipers. Turn around and go back. Freightliner was great and waited for us, got it fixed and everything worked. In the mean time we were trying to decide if we should head north instead of south. When we woke up Saturday, I said ready to go sit on a beach?



We are in Daytona Beach Florida. The Irma damage is mostly downed limbs and thats mostly piled by the sides of the road waiting to be picked up.




We’ll be here for a week checking out the beaches and hanging around with friends.

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