Race across the country

img_1559Okay, wasn’t really a race, but it sure felt like one. Read along to see how we drive 2800 miles, get rid of the motorcycles, change our residency, buy a car, and watch the eclipse in one week.

We left Sonoma raceway at 8pm on Sunday and I drove until 2 am, or Fallon Nevada. Woke up at 5 am and drove until 11:30 pm on Monday making it almost to Cheyenne Wyoming.



Got up at 6 am, drove to Denver, where we dropped of the motorcycles at Motorado. They are a consignment dealer and were great at letting us list both bikes. Then we drove over to the storage unit in Arvada with high hopes to clear and organize the storage garage and put a bunch of stuff in the trailer. That didn’t happen, but hey, at least you can now open the garage door without everything falling out.


Now, trailerless and bikeless, we stopped off at my mom’s for a short visit and dinner, then hit the road. Ended up stopping at the Colorado Nebraska border. Woke up at 6 am and started driving to Madison South Dakota.


Thursday morning, after spending the night in a South Dakota campground we signed up for a mailbox, filled out a few forms, and got our new drivers licenses. It was pretty easy and we’ll save about $4500 on registration fees. We drove to Omaha after that.


It was my brother Henry’s birthday on Friday and it was fun spending it with him and Nikki.


Running errands in a 40′ rv isn’t a lot of fun. Neither is having a way to get around once we are parked and setup. We started bouncing around the idea of a car in Portland and had narrowed it down to a Honda Civic. what we didn’t know was how hard it was to find one. I finally did a search nationwide and only found 52 in the country and only 3 with the color we wanted. One of them was in Chicago.


Have you ever purchased a car sight unseen? We did, and it was easy. But it meant that I was up at 4:30 am getting ready to drive to Chicago.  We also found out that we can get a cashiers check from any cooperating Credit Union in the country, which is good because the dealer wasn’t going to take a personal check.


We made to the dealer with no problem, test drove the car then traded a check for the keys and we were off. With Danelle following in the new car we made it to Nappanee Indiana for the night, then left early and drove to Cleveland.



We met up with James, Laura, and Sophie and spent a couple days recovering and watching the eclipse before driving to the next race in Pennsylvania at a new track north of Pittsburgh.


And that was our week.

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