West Coast Break

What wasn’t mentioned in the last post was my quick trip to Baja Mx to go riding. Had a fun three days tracing a couple hundred miles of last years Baja 1000 route. Riding it really makes you respect those who run the race. It’s definitely not easy. We were on the tourist plan and enjoyed the scenery and tacos.



You can’t beat fresh street tacos in Mexico

Another item not mentioned in the last post was the crash I had. I’ll skip the details, but I misjudged a corner, hit a tree, and flew about 20 ft forward and 20 ft down onto the rocks. I broke a couple ribs, bruised my hip an ankle and I am still limping around. But I would do it again in a heart beat. If you want to hear the story of how I got back to closest town, you’ll have to bribe me with a beer.

After the Laguna Seca race, we started heading north on highway 101. Navigating Ralphie through San Francisco traffic was stress full, but crossing the Golden Gate was the reward


We headed to Humbolt Redwood Forest and spent a few days camped in the Redwoods. Really was a cool place and we will be back.


We also took a ride out to the Lost Coast.


We followed the pacific coast north and stayed in Florence, Oregon for a night. The drive was nice but it’s a twisty windy road along the coast and at times it can be sketchy while driving the bus.


Campsite in Florence Or


We finished up driving on the 101 and turned inland to Portland. We spent a few weeks hanging out with Liz and Jerel. While we were there we took quick trips out to Multnomah falls and Astoria.



Portland was hot, so we turned Ralphie south figuring that the mountains around Medford would be cooler. We were wrong, it was even hotter there. We did make a trip up to Crater Lake. Thats definitely a place that you need to visit to appreciate. Pictures just cant capture the colors or how impressive it is.



Smokey Mt. Shasta

We ended up in Napa, Ca where we waited for the next race weekend that was to be held at Sonoma Raceway. Since this was the fist visit for MotoAmerica and my first time back since 2012, it was a challenging weekend.



And that was our west coast break. We both agree that as pretty as the area is, we are ready for green.

Check out our YouTube channel for videos





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