Heading West part 2

When we packed up to leave race track in Salt Lake City, we needed to return the rental car.  Yes, to deploy timing & scoring equipment around the track we have to have a vehicle to haul the equipment and also to test and maintain it through out the weekend.     Bringing the RV through an airport passenger drop-off is always interesting.   I drove the car to the airport car rental drop-off and Jason followed – to pick me up.  SLC airport was a tight fit because of 2 pedestrian bridges that gave us only a few inches clearance!   But we made it and got back on the highway to head west.

The next event would be in Monterey CA – Salinas more specifically.  One of our favorite areas to visit.   So we headed that direction.   We planned a few days stay in the Reno NV area to run some errands, see some friends and explore.

First we stopped at the Bonneville Salt Flats and walked out on the dazzling white flats of salt – imagining all the attempts at the land speed records made here – and the epic story of Burt Monro and the World’s Fastest Indian.


The RV park we found was in Sparks NV.  Right in the middle of town, but surrounded by a park and trees – it wasn’t too bad.  Interesting though as it obviously catered to retired residents.   One outstanding comment that will remain a laughing point was,   “please don’t let your dog urinate on the grass next to your RV – it is Astroturf”  While necessary, I suppose, it was still very outside of a normal comment for us.

Time to explore!  We left for the day on our motorcycles, wanting to see new things.   Virginia City was a short ride up into the mountains and brought us a glimpse of the old west.   It was a 19th Century boom mining town near the Comstock Lode.   Old Victorian style buildings lined main street.   We explored on foot the buildings and the train station.


We had more to explore so we jumped back on the motorcycles and continued into the mountains.  We made a nice ride through the mountains and went to see Lake Tahoe.   We stopped in Kings Beach, just over the California border for lunch.


This day was a beautiful experience and we enjoyed exploring the area.  We made a loop back through the mountains to return to the RV park.

We left Reno and headed through Sacramento to San Luis Obispo.   We had plans with a good friend and were able to park Ralphie near his home for a long weekend.   Jason and a group of guys would set out on an epic adventure riding Baja Mexico on dirt bikes.  I would have a very nice relaxing weekend riding my peddle bike and going to the  beach with our dog Sydney.  I had a car to use and lots of exploring to do while Jason had a great experience in Baja riding with his friends.


Vineyards in San Luis Obispo



Avila Beach


Avila Beach


Too soon it was time to head to the next race event.   However, we do love Monterrey CA.

One evening while we were there a local bicycle shop – of which the owner is also personally known to us –  sponsored an evening bicycle ride at the track.   I was able to participate – making 6 laps around the 2.25 mile track – not a long ride – but definitely an experience.  Not many get to say they have ridden down the cork screw at Laguna Seca – on a bicycle.  Jason sadly was unable to do the ride – but at least he didn’t make me look bad!

Laguna bicycle ride

While there we managed to go to one of our favorite restaurants – The SandBar & Grill – and enjoyed the great food and atmosphere with some good friends.

While at the track we experienced morning fog – like we often do there – it makes interesting photos.   Jason even used his motorcycle as our “loop test” vehicle.

It is always great to relax a little with friends before the work begins ….

In the last month we traveled half way across the country, worked 2 races, and enjoyed a lot of new experiences and the meeting of new people – but also the journey was filled with family and good friends.

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