Grand – Baby – Time

It is easy to celebrate life when a new baby is born – especially if the little one is your grandchild!   Yes, our first grandchild – a little girl named Charlotte Rae.   And of course – she is beautiful and precious!   As soon as possible I was able to fly out to be with our daughter and son-in-law and this sweet little baby.   While I flew to their home in Las Cruces NM, Jason traveled solo, making his way in Ralphie from Wisconsin to Colorado, passing through Iowa and Nebraska on the way.

While I was immersed in that amazing baby stage with cuddles and sweetness and crying and sleepless nights and watching my own baby hold a baby of her own, Jason visited friends and family on the way.   He also visited the stone that marked the final resting spot for his father, whose life ended suddenly in January of this year.   What a dichotomy we experience in this journey on earth – welcoming one life and saying farewell to another. IMG_7728

Jason was able to visit with his brother’s family in Omaha, Nebraska which I was sad to miss out on once again!   He then headed back to Colorado and did his own thing for a few days in the Denver area until I flew to meet up with him a  few days later.   We enjoyed spending time with his Mom and my Parents before we “pulled up the stakes” and headed west.

Las Cruces definitely had the desert charm as you can see in these photos from their backyard.

IMG_7240IMG_7271 2

And of course – I need to add some more baby pictures.

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