A Glimpse At a Simple Life

We are still learning how to do this thing – live on the road – working – but exploring.  We had a little time between races and we spent some time in northern Indiana.  We end up stayed longer than we planned – and that in itself seems to be something new – the absence of concrete schedule.

Spring was beautiful here and it was filled with beautiful green fields and picturesque farms.   We stayed in the midst of an Amish community and had a glimpse at a different way of life – avoidance of modern conveniences and the endless pursuit of things and time-consuming activities.


The first obvious difference was the use of horse and buggy or bicycles rather than cars.   I wish I could have captured more pictures without being rude.  Especially the sweet little girls standing in the very front of the buggy- privileged spot maybe – or the little boys in the suspenders and hats sitting in the back.   Instead a few stealth shots show the various types of buggies or wagons.

When was the last time you encountered horse & buggy parking at the bank or grocery store?   I imagined myself fitting in as I rode my motorcycle to the grocery store and fit my purchases into my top case – just like the women who rode their bicycles and were placing their purchase into the panniers – but then I remembered – I didn’t have to peddle home!

Check out our cat Nala- stealthily peering out the window at the crazy site – and sound of “clip clop, clip clop” going by.  What strangeness is this?!


Many members of the community rode bicycles to work …


We enjoyed the friendly, beautiful community and appreciated the view into their lives.   We ventured not once but twice for wonderful breakfast at this little restaurant and tasty food.


And also enjoyed ventures into the countryside and a few rides to find the bakery or “giant” block of cheese in a little grocery store.

Coming next: we were blessed with an amazing gift of a new member in the family!  Our first grand-daughter was born!   We can’t wait to see you in person soon!

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