Wait. What?  We haven’t updated since Pittsburgh?  Sorry. Time to catch up.  Let’s see, after the tire test we started to head west and made a stop at Cedar Point amusement park. Ever since I watched a discovery channel show on the Millenium Force roller coaster, I have wanted to ride it. IMG_0955

The wait was worth it  what an awesome ride. Danelle even liked it.

After that, we drive to Nappanee Indiana where Ralphie the rv was made. We took a tour of the factory and got a bit of maintenance work completed.


While there we realized that we had messed up and didn’t reserve a campground for memorial weekend.  Newbie mistake. We made up for it by riding the motorcycles up to Lake Michigan.


Once the weekend was over we braved the roads through Chicago and ended up at a great county campground just north of Racine, Wi.


Next up is Road America in Elkhart Lake Wi. This is a challenging track to deploy at due to the size, terrain, and trees. I had a busy weekend tracing down problems and keeping the timing system up




Close finish for the Superbike race

Early on Monday Danelle drove to Milwaukee airport and flew to Las Cruces, cause we are grandparents now  WOOHOO! And I began heading to Colorado. Not without some stops along the way


Mississippi River 

First was Boone Iowa to see my dad’s gravesite.



I ended the day in Carroll Ia. I got to meet up with good friends Jeff and Sherry. Even had time to go on a bicycle ride with Jeff.


Now I am just southwest of Omaha and I’ll meet up with my brother before heading on to Denver


I’ll try to update sooner next time.

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