Five States in One Day


Sunset at VIR

The VIR round is complete, the drive and setup at the Pittsburgh track is complete, and we are on the final day of two days testing on track. So, why haven’t we updated in the mean time? Well, we get so busy when at the track that the last thing either one of us thinks about is writing a new blog post.


Aunt Millie’s Pizza

The VIR weekend was good, a bit cool but I’d rather have that than the normal hot weather we have. had a lot of rain on Thursday and Friday night. By Sunday the weather had turned and it was an excellent day on Sunday.


Foggy front straight at VIR

Sunday night we packed the trucks and Monday morning Danelle and I headed north. The drive to Pittsburgh International Race Complex was just under 500 miles. We covered North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. It was a nice drive and if we had the time, I would have liked to stop and explore the Shenandoah Valley area more.


Shenandoah Valley rest stop


West Virginia

This is the first time MotoAmerica has been to this track. We had just one day to setup and get ready. Tuesday was a very long and busy day. Tonight we put it all away and try to figure out where we are going to head to before the next round.



Sunsets and Airfence parties

Stay tuned

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