Finally a break in the action

Since Thursday April 13th, we have been in go mode. We drove to Las Cruces for Easter,  then it was off to Austin for the MotoGP weekend, and two days later we were at Road Atlanta for round 2 of the MotoAmerica schedule. Currently we are in High Point, NC.  Yesterday was a maintenance day, wash clothes, fix little things, reorganize stuff in the storage bays, etc.


Cool gas station in New Mexico


The Giant Mullet at COTA (cause Texas?)


We stopped in Biloxi on the way to Georgia. It was a neat campground and we’d like to stop there again so that we could spend some time exploring.


Back straight at Road Atlanta

Road Atlanta was a lot of work, but in the end everything worked and the racing was great. Had a couple of foggy mornings, but managed to get all of the races in dry conditions.


Foggy start to the day


After Atlanta we drove up to High Point NC.  The rain hit and we had quite a downpour.


Today we will head over to Raleigh Durham.

We have uploaded a video here Episode 1 Round 1

  1. Just saying Hi! You missed the hail storm at the DFC today. Everyone with a car in lot has damage from Camaro’s to Escapes….thinking of you.


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