We Did It!!!!

IMG_0768.JPGDay 1 of this new life. We left on Thursday evening and spent Friday driving across windy New Mexico. Today, Saturday April 15th, is really the first day and we are beginning to start sorting everything and settling in to this new way of living.  First let me go back to Thursday when I walked out of work for the last time.  In January I had requested to meet and finalize my plans with my supervisor. When we did finally meet, she told me that HR had denied my request to be able work remotely. It was decision time. I sat with Danelle, we went over the numbers ($$$) and decided that we could make this work without BLM. I have already secured a retirement, I just have to wait a few years to claim it.

I can’t describe the relief that I had once we made that decision. We waited and once we received a contract on the house, it was go time. We have spent the last three months packing, cleaning, selling, donating, and trashing everything in the house. We sold the cars, gave my notice, and finally I walked out of the building on Thursday for the final time.


It was a bittersweet moment, Ive been a government employee for 27 years, and have been with the Bureau of Land Management for 20 years.

Time to move on.

We have, we finished cramming everything into the RV and the trailer and decided to sort it out once we stopped. We spent the first night at a rest stop just south of Raton, NM. and then finished the windy drive to Las Cruces, NM where we were able to celebrate Kristen’s birthday.

Today we slept in, made a couple of breakfast burritos, and are starting to sort and find a home for all of the last minute stuff we just threw into the rv in the last minutes.

IMG_0774IMG_0776The cats are no longer freaking out, and may actually like this moving house thing.

In closing, It’s kinda weird to sit here and think that there is no going back home. This is home, and it’s only forward from here.


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