Back to Colorado

We had to return to “the house” to finalize things so we made the long trek back to Colorado.   We decided to go the long way in order to make a quick stop in Las Cruces NM to see our daughter and son-in-law, Kristen & Tyrel, even though we will spend more time with them in a couple weeks.  They are expecting their first child in late May so we had to inspect the “baby bump” !


Rest area – goodbye Texas hill country!


Sydney enjoying the ride


Driving along the US – Mexico border – someday Ralphie will cross that line!


Western Texas



Tyrel & Kristen

We cut our visit short to attempt to beat the winter storm that was forecast to come on Saturday.  It was windy but dry through Raton Pass and Trinidad – but then started rain and snow as we approached Walsenburg CO.   Yikes!


Leaving Las Cruses – East side of the Organ Mountains


Climbing Raton Pass

FullSizeRender 6


Walsenburg CO

So – back at “the house” now to finalize things – finish packing – selling – donating.  The house is under contract and will close next month.  One car sold and the other to go away soon.  There is a sort of numb un-reality – yet – this is real!  We are doing this!

While we originally planned to leave Colorado and not be back to this state till summer time – it was good to have a “test” run.  It helped show what works and what either needed to be added or changed.

Meanwhile – Colorado spring means – SNOW!


Shoveling the driveway – heavy wet spring snow!

  1. Welcome back to CO! Nothing like a beautiful snowy spring fairyland. How long are you here? If you need anything we are right down the street.


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