At The Track

For all my good intentions – capturing what we did the past 4 days at the track in photos – didn’t really happen.   Well, because, our hands were usually full, and well, because we forgot.   I promise to try harder next time.  The staff of MotoAmerica works very hard to run an event -so much work and setup is required to make events like this happen – and they do it because they love the sport and the people.   So what do we do?   Jason is the head of Timing and Scoring and I work with him to provide the timing and scoring results for all the sessions motorcycles are on the track -whether for practice or a race. This track is equipped with the equipment required to collect data during the sessions so we have less setup than at other tracks.   We still set up a complete computer network in the timing and scoring room to gather the data and turn it in to reports usable by the teams and the TV coverage.    This means lots of trips up and down an elevator (yes this track has one!) with equipment and then set up.  Also there is still is some trackside setup also.  So needless to say – we are busy.  And then it all has to work too!   Since this was a Tire Test – practice sessions only – we had a smaller staff.  The rest of the timing and scoring staff – will join us at the first event when we return to this track next month.  This Tire Test went well though we were reminded just how much work these events really are!

I do have some pictures to share even though the work itself is not documented.  Spring in Texas hill country is beautiful and pleasant – lots of green and pretty wild flowers including the Texas Bluebonnets.


FullSizeRender 5IMG_5026IMG_5034


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