The reality is starting to kick in as we wind down to approximately 1 month till we are living in an RV.  The house is up for sale and also many of our possessions.

img_6411 The biggest downsizing though has been gathering things to donate.   During the Christmas holiday we enjoyed the visit with our kids and forced encouraged them to either add to the donation pile or bring things back to their own homes.


Trying out the new toys

It turns out neither of the girls are too attached to “stuff” so things went pretty smooth.  We decided that most things weren’t worth selling on Craigs list – too much trouble since we are both working full time jobs until the transition.  Clothing and dishes and most small things have gone to thrift stores.   A few items that should sell have been posted on Craigs list – and are slowly going to new homes.   Eventually all the furniture will go too.  So what can we keep?   We are starting to enjoy how “little” we will be keeping with us.   A set of dishes – cooking pots – a few small appliances – 2 feet of clothes (the width of each of our closets) – our bikes… what else do we need?  Of course laptops and cameras.   The main thing we are keeping is each other – and our family – who we will visit and spend time with when ever the road takes us there and for as long as we wish.


It’s freezing outside – so we need Ice Cream!


Hike up to the Star on Flagstaff Mtn. – our great kids.


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